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Hello!  I am Nancy Clayburn, owner of Quilting by Design.  Let me tell you a little bit of what makes me tick!   

     I have always loved art.  Oil painting, drawing, stenciling, and doodling came first, now I am very settled into Design Quilting.   It is a part of who I am to always be creating something.   It seems I am not satisfied unless I have a project going or am thinking of one to do.  

     When I first laid eyes on a Gammill Quilting Machine, I was intrigued to say the least!   Immediately I felt it in my bones that I could really enjoy designing with thread on quilt tops!   It was a whole new art form for me, and the possibilities seemed endless!   After several months of researching it out, I finally purchased a Gammill Classic.   Since I purchased my machine, I have taken many classes by renowned quilt artists such as Linda V. Taylor, Pam Clarke, Sally Terry, The Jelly Bean Quilter (Mary Eddy), Judy Neimi, and others. 

     Every year I take classes by top quilt artists, attend international quilt shows and study quilts to increase my potential.  I found that I really identify with the artistic freeform techniques.   It gives a lot of freedom to think outside the lines and to come up with some really interesting quilts.  However, I am talented at doing all types  of quilting.
Each quilt I receive, I get a real feel for.   I take my time deciding just the right design that could bring out the personality of your quilt.  

 My goal is to create a one of a kind quilt that will mean so much to you along with the quality you deserve!  
Hence, Quilting by Design as every quilt has it's own unique personality!    

My Pledge to You:
    ~Your quilt will be handled in a professional way  in my smoke-free, pet-free studio.  I also use an Alpine Air purifier. 
    ~I will  contact you when I begin your quilt.  If you so desire, I will take a digital photo of your finished quilt and e-mail it to you before I ship it. 
    ~I will always seek to improve my God given talents through continuing  education via classes by top quilting artists, videos, photos, magazines, books, drawings, and of course, to study quilting designs at top Quilt shows! 
    ~Quilting Great Quilts like yours is a love and passion of mine.  I promise to treat your quilt as if it is a one and only! 
    ~Sincerely Yours, and Happy Quilt Top Making to You,
Nancy Clayburn
P.S.  I am looking forward to meeting you! Quilters are the BEST!!!!



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