Machine Quilting Services
by Nancy Clayburn
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Horizontal and vertical basting of the quilt layers together at 3" intervals for hand quilting by customer.
Calculate here
$.01 sq. inch

Pantograph Minimum $35 
    A single pattern design the full width and length of the quilt. This is with one overall pantograph pattern edge to edge on the entire quilt or can be large  meandering.  This type of work is well suited to quilts  that will be heavily used (i.e. children's quilts, etc,); or that have busy fabric (or many fabrics) which would hide more intricate quilting.  
Pantograph patterns   Others also available
All patterns included in price.  

$.02-.025 sq. inch
Over-all Meandering 
Small, wall hanging     

Heirloom/Pictorial  Minimum $50
    Heavier stitching.  Beautiful, ornate designs!  My absolute specialty!  Show quilt quality.
$.032-.07 sq. inch 
Trapunto Calculate here
$.06 sq. inch
To turn quilt for borders. 
Quilter's Dream Batting, 100% Cotton, 70/30 Blend, Deluxe Poly  High quality, High density batting. I use only the best battings!

Wool or Black Batting will be extra.  $8.99 running yard 
Quilter's Dream batting is the finest on the market today.

$8.99 per yard 

Sew Batik 104/108" wide backing.  100 different styles to choose from!  Beautiful backing, high quality, a color for every need!  You can check out their webpage at and if you order from them, use this number LAP1021 and mention my name and Quilting By Design, as a distributor.  Otherwise, just let me know what you want, of let me pick it out for you and I will have it here for your quilt!

Per-seam charge for piecing backing material


$19.95 per yard




Machine stitched to front, trimmed, and hand stitched to back with mitered corners to finish.

Charge to cut and prepare binding. 

Charge if we supply fabric for binding.  

If you furnish the fabric for binding, please make sure there is one-and-one-half yards. Do not send pre-cut fabric.

$.20/linear inch


           I use high quality thread.
               YLI, Signature; King Tut and others.
Hanging Sleeve  $15.00
None Required
Return Shipping and Handling:

          Via UPS Includes $100 Insurance coverage.  Add $1.00 per $100 extra insurance coverage
up to $20.00
(Depends on location and weight) 

Tennessee residents only: 

Returned Check Fee $25.00
Turn Around Time
The amount of time can vary, so please inquire.  We may be able to rush your quilt for special occasions.  
(Prices subject to change without notice.)

Pantograph patterns
Others also available
All patterns included in price

Order Form

Quilt Preparation

Mail or deliver your quilt top, backing and batting. Do not baste, pin or tack your quilt together.
Identify the head of the quilt top and head of back, if necessary.

The quilt backing and batting should be a minimum of 6 inches larger, on all sides, than the quilt top.

IMPORTANT: All quilts are welcome!  
The quilt top should be free of embellishments, such as, buttons, charms, pins and loose threads. 

Check quilt top for seam breaks. Old quilts and hand stitched quilts are prone to seam breaks. These can cause tearing of the quilt top and sometimes the back which can cause snags and uneven stitching. On lighter fabrics, loose threads on the backside of the top will show through. Top and backing should be pressed.

It is not recommended that you use a sheet for your backing fabric. Because of the high thread count in sheets, the quilting stitches tend to sit on top of the fabric rather than sink into the fabric and there will be a problem with skipped stitches. If you must use a sheet, take the sheet out of the package, remove all hems, wash and press and measure against your quilt top. Sheets often run short or narrow compared to quilt tops.

If you want the quilting to be more prominent, choose a solid color fabric or a contrasting thread color. If you prefer the quilting to not be prominent choose a busy print fabric and a matching thread color. Choose a good quality batting such as Quilter's Dream batting for best results. 

Shipping Information  

Shipping - Carefully fold and package the quilt top and any other customer supplied items into two plastic bags one within the other with an address label affixed to the outer bag. Place the bag in a sturdy container large enough to ship finished quilt, use strapping tape or shipping tape to reinforce all corners and seams. Insure the contents, if you wish, and send by the carrier of your choice. 

Ship to:  
Nancy Clayburn 
183 Stockton Road
Chuckey, TN 37641

Phone: 1.423.823.8443 

Payment - Due when quilt is finished, before it is sent to you. 

Place your name, mailing address, email address, and phone number with area code inside the package with your instructions for quilting. You can print a copy of my order form for this purpose.  Any choices not made will be left to my judgment.

a) pattern
b) special instructions
c) batting choice
d) backing choice
e) thread color choice 

When I return your quilt it will be via UPS.   It will be insured for $100.00. The standard shipping and handling fee is $20.00.   $1.00 extra fro each $100 extra insurance.