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Quilt Size in inches: (Length times Width)
(L)                inches  X   (W)              inches =                          sq. inches

Description of quilt:

Type of quilting desired: (check one) 
Basting  $.01/sq. in._____ 
Pantograph (Minimum $35) $.015-$.02/sq. in.______   (pattern name)____________________________________  
Overall Meandering: Sm. $35____   Twin $50___  Full $65___  Queen $75___   King $85___
Custom (Minimum $50) $.02-$.028/sq. in______   
Heirloom/Pictorial (Minimum $50) $.032-$.07/sq. in______ 
Trapunto  $.06/sq. in_____
(Use back  for additional description, instructions and/or diagram.)

 *Quilting price times the sq. inches to left: 


_____To turn quilt for borders. $20.00


100% Cotton, 70/30 Blend, Deluxe Poly  High quality, High density batting. I use only the best battings!
Various sizes and types to meet your needs.  Approximately $8.99 per running yard; more for wool.  Length_______

Length of batting needed times price:


Backing: (check one)
Customer Provided ______
Sew Batik @ 104"/108" $19.95/yd. ____  Length_______
Per-seam charge for piecing backing material: $5.00

Length of backing needed times price (Should be 6 inches larger, on all sides, than the quilt top.):


Binding: (check one)
If you are sending fabric, 1 1/2 yds. ____
____.20/linear inch: Machine stitched to front, trimmed, and hand stitched to back with mitered corners.
We supply fabric: $12.00
Charge to cut and prepare binding: $12.00

Length X 2 plus Width x 2 x Price plus fabric and prep charge.


Thread color: _________________________


Hanging Sleeve: ($15.00)              Yes_____     No_____ 


Shipping & Handling

$20.00 (may vary)

Extra Insurance: $1.00 per $100 
Yes_____     No_____            Amount of extra insurance:  $________ 


Tax: Tennessee residents only: 9.725% 


Total Estimate:


Deposit:        None Required 

(Prices subject to change without notice.)

*Form of Payment:
Check ________ (U.S. orders only) ck#             ck amt. $___________________ 

Money Order _______ (U.S. funds only)   m.o. amt. $____________________

Ship to:
Nancy Clayburn
183 Stockton Rd.
Chuckey, TN 37641
Phone: 1.423.823.8443

Visa____    MasterCard____ 

Name on Card: 


Exp. Date:



Quilt Preparation:

  1. Indicate top of quilt, if desired, with masking tape.

  2. Top must be clean, pressed, points & threads clipped, no pins or basting. 

  3. Batting & Backing, if sent by customer, should be 6" larger on all sides than the quilt top. 

  4. Include fabric for binding if required, and any sketch of special instructions that might be helpful for a desired look. 

  5. Measure quilt in square inches by multiplying length times width.

  6. Complete order form and include with quilt.

  7. And if you like, contact me and let me know its on its way 
    Toll free call: 1-888-615-1980 


$20.00 regular UPS ground. This includes $100.00 insurance on lost or stolen items. Add extra insurance on the order form if requested at $1.00 per $100.00 of insurance.

Ship to:
Nancy Clayburn
183 Stockton Rd.
Chuckey, TN 37641


*Please wrap your quilt top and materials in plastic before boxing for shipment.